Use the summer to increase positive family relationships

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Now that summer is upon us, don’t let you or your kids sit sedentary in front of the computer, TV, or video game console. A sedentary lifestyle can lead to unhealthy summer weight gain and increased BMI which can lead to health problems for you and your children. It might be challenging to get motivated, so make exercise a fun family affair. Your kids will likely participate longer when you join in the fun! No parent ever said they wish they spent less time with the kids, right?


Here’s just a few ideas:

Turn up the music and dance. You can burn upwards of 443 calories. Too hot? Bring it outside under a sprinkler! Even start a dance contest for added participation. Get all your neighbors involved and make it a small community party.
Enjoy a walk before or after dinner. Bring the family pet so he can get his exercise in too.
  • Play games in the pool/lake
  • Water scavenger hunts are always great
Walk or run
  • for a local charity event; make volunteerism a family affair.
  • a race between friends
  • beat your old time
  • raise money for a childrens hospital, school or other charity by doing a local sponsorship among your neighbors
Go on a bike ride and discover your local neighborhood.
Play games
  • Tag, tug-of-war, hopscotch, jump rope, or hula hooping just to name a few
  • Invent games that increase physical activity. [For instance – have them race to an object that starts with a letter of your choice…physical activity and thought process.]
  • Letting them choose a game will increase participation
  • Bring the kids to the local bounce center and yes, parents can join the fun too!
  • Play soccer, baseball, or shoot some hoops in your local playground or back yard. Some sports can be played in the pool or lake for added fun.
Bring a slip-and-slide into your yard; adding some pool floaties can add to the enjoyment
Join a local exercise boot camp or Zumba class
Check out MeetUp for some fun family adventures (hiking, kayaking and more) with others who enjoy the same
Find some inexpensive family outings through LivingSocial, GroupOn and Goldstar
Encourage your children to do neighborly chores like Mowing the lawn, walking the dog, washing cars – physical activity and some cash to save!


Just 60 minutes a day put aside for family exercise can improve you and your kids’ overall health, well-being and family relationships.

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Use the summer to increase positive family relationships

    Now that summer is upon us, don’t let you or ...


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