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Joshua Margolis

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Joshua Margolis is a personal trainer with a Bachelors Degree in Sports Psychology. He holds certifications from A.C.E., A.I.F.E., and N.A.S.M, and is also prenatal and postpartum fitness certified. Joshua has been working in the health and fitness arena for over 8 years designing personalized fitness programs which incorporate motivational techniques to enhance performance. Joshua is also the fitness model in “THE DUKE DIET”: World renowned health and fitness book. His fitness philosophy: “Your self image and habits go hand in hand; change one and you will automatically change the other.”

Other venues that Joshua has influenced are within the Corporate Sector and the great Outdoors. In the past Joshua has  provided corporate fitness plans to improve the overall health of private companies and their employees. For those clients interested in working in the outdoors Joshua has gone everywhere from nearby parks to surfing the beaches of the Atlantic and Pacific to the Rocky Mountains. Whatever your fitness goals are, he will help you realize your dreams.





Alan Baron

Personal Trainer
Whatever your present state of fitness may be, Alan’s training sessions will provide you with a positive, professional and personally supportive program enabling you to achieve your physical fitness goals. An exercise program will be designed to meet your specific needs and will be accompanied by the philosophy of positive progressive training. In addition to fitness training, Alan specializes in areas that offer unique advantages to those with special needs such as pre-habilitation, injury rehab, postural distortions, training for the sport of motherhood (including preconception through all trimesters and postpartum fitness), the elderly and the physically challenged.

Alan has a long history of working in the Arts coupled with over 19 years of fitness training experience that includes working with several prominent fitness companies in New York. He has seven years experience working with visually impaired people and two years of American Sign Language studies. Alan stands tall with a professional commitment to continuous education for both the trainer and the client, enabling them to successfully improve their health and fitness lifestyles through ongoing positive changes.


Nolan Chance

Personal Trainer / Yoga
Nolan’s strength lies in developing exercises for better outdoors sports performances. His work emphasizes core stability training.

A personal trainer for the past 10 years, Nolan has worked with private clients as well as spending a year as a full-time trainer at Equinox.

Nolan has also taught rock climbing safety and technique at Go Vertical in Connecticut for five years and spent two years snow boarding in Colorado.

Alexander Galvez

Personal Trainer
Alexander specializes in strength training, rehabilitation, pre and post natal, balance/stability core training, and boxing. While embracing traditional fitness components, he also focuses on health and lifestyle modification.

As a trainer, Alexander strives to help his clients by connecting them with appropriate members of his ‘team,’ which includes a massage therapist, yoga teacher, Pilates instructor, Reiki, physical therapist as well as other healing professionals. Alexander’s various colleagues work together to help the client achieve optimal health and fitness.

Hilary McLemore

Personal Trainer
A personal trainer and swim instructor certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), Hilary specializes in weight loss, corrective exercise, and endurance training for triathletes. A swimming, surfing, running, and outdoor enthusiast, she believes that when working out, there should never be a dull moment!

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Barbara Evans

Personal Trainer

Barbara is a certified personal trainer through the National Strength and Conditioning Association.  In addition to her personal training certification through the NSCA, Barbara is pre/postnatal and CPR-AED certified and is a former top-level trainer with Equinox Fitness Clubs.  She holds a BS in Dance from George Washington University and has toured with professional dance companies nationally and abroad.  This dance background helps Barbara bring a heightened awareness of posture, form and efficiency of movement to her sessions, allowing her clients of any age or fitness level to quickly and safely achieve their goals.  Barbara still takes dance class for fun, along with hiking, biking, and recently, surfing!

Danyelle Demchock
Female Personal Trainer

Over the last 7 years, Danyelle has helped clients use a step-by-step approach to achieve weight loss without dieting, increase energy and vitality without sugar and caffeine, reestablish balance to the metabolism, and enhance posture and sports performance through corrective exercises.

With great enthusiasm, Danyelle provides a range of holistic healthy lifestyle services. With her guidance, clients have learned to take responsibility for overcoming their own health obstacles, achieve permanent weight loss without dieting, and take back control of their life and health. She welcomes you to achieve your own inner clarity in your life!

Holly Corey

Holly Corey
Personal Trainer

After a long career in corporate recruiting, Holly decided to pursue her real passion: fitness, health and wellness. She specializes in core strength, balance and flexibility exercises and believes a healthy body is a happy body. Her fitness approach is to keep it fun, challenging, creative and safe. Her goal as a trainer is to help you along the way and provide you with positive support, encouragement, and the proper workouts to help you attain your goals. She holds a certification through the American Council of Exercise (ACE).

Puy Navarro

Personal Training/Yoga/Latin Dance

Born in Spain, Puy has been an actress and a producer of theater about Social Issues and Human Rights in NYC since 2005. Since September 2009 she has been teaching Yoga for Executives at the US/Spain Chamber of Commerce at the Empire State Building and also at The Hispanic Society of America. She currently teaches at ISHTA. She has been to India twice where she has deepened her studies on the Sutras, Hatha, Tantra and Ayurveda. She believes that when we are in full command of our physical, mental and emotional capacities we can live fearlessly, and we can open ourselves to new experiences, new challenges, and let our energy flow freely to express our unique talents.

Sadie Gilbertson

Personal Training/Pilates

Sadie has been an explorer of movement for over 25 years. She began her training in dance, performing and teaching professionally throughout the country and abroad. With an ever curious mind, she continues to seek additional pathways of whole body fitness, with a holistic and joyful approach. She has been a certified personal trainer for eight years, with the National Association of Sports Medicine (NASM). She is also a certified Pilates instructor (focusing on neutral spine) from the prestigious Erika Bloom Pilates program. Sadie takes the best from all modalities such as: sports training, dance, yoga, and Pilates to best support her clients with their goals.

Mike Czech

Personal Trainer

ACE Certified Personal Trainer & Group Exercise Instructor
Certified RRCA Running Coach
Certified TNT Triathlon Coach

Mike Czech has spent his lifetime involved in fitness and business marketing. A professional triathlon and running coach since 2001 with over 20 years of racing experience, Mike specializes in endurance athlete training and sports conditioning. Mike is a marathon age group winner and 4 time Ironman Triathlon finisher.

He covers Northern New Jersey for Mind Over Matter Fitness and specializes in:
*Strength Training and Planning For Endurance Sports (swimming, cycling, running)
*Speed, Power and Agility for Youth Athletes
*Injury Prevention and Prehab / Knee and Hip Rehab
*Strength Training and Nutrition Planning for Weight Loss
*TRX Suspension Training
*Balance and Coordination for active older adults and youth athletes

“My goal is to ensure that every interested person gets a chance to be the best they can be – in the gym, in sports, in work and in life. That means a carefully detailed physical training and mental preparedness program to ensure long term success. The quick fix mentality is yesterday. Today is about communication and support to propel motivated people forward.”

Carol Michaels


Michaels-028 8x10Personal Trainer

Carol Michaels, MBA, ACSM, ACE is an Exercise Specialist, consultant and author with over 18 years of experience as a fitness professional. She is the creator of Recovery Fitness®, a safe and effective exercise program for people with osteoporosis and cancer. She has been recognized as an innovative fitness leader in promoting health and well-being. Carol’s awards include The American Council on Exercise and Life Fitness, “Trainer to Watch 2011”, Personal Fitness Professional “Trainer of the Year 2012”, and a finalist for IDEA Fitness “2014 Trainer of the Year”. She is a sought after speaker, instructor and workshop leader for wellness programs in hospitals, worksites and community settings.

Carol, a graduate of the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania has appeared on television, published articles and produced exercise DVDs. Her book, Exercises for Cancer Survivors, is a resource for people undergoing surgery or cancer treatments.


Rebecca Golian

Personal Trainer

Fitness and health has always been a part of Rebecca’s life. While in school she played soccer, basketball and ran track & field. Rebecca has also been an active equestrian athlete her entire life and began competing internationally in the Olympic level sport of Three-Day Eventing at the young age of fifteen. Rebecca continued to represent her country in international competition during college and received several corporate sponsorships. In 2014 Rebecca decided to stop competing full time and moved to New York City to follow her passion for marketing, business consulting and fitness training.

Rebecca has been training and teaching athletes for many years. She has experience working with people of all age groups and ability levels. Rebecca believes in creating exercise programs based on functional fitness and the use of total-body movement and exercises. As an active competitor in obstacle course races like the Reebok Spartan Race and Tough Mudder, Rebecca understands the importance of cross training. Her clients enjoy the variety in Rebecca’s training programs which include running, circuit training, strength training, obstacle course training, low impact body-weight training and outdoor training.

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Sharon Jackson

Personal Trainer

Sharon’s background in fitness began as a dancer when she attended the High School of Performing Arts in NYC, and continued at Hofstra University where she continued to study dance and earned a B.S. in Exercise Physiology. After college, she competed in fitness dance / competitions and body building.

Creativity is a big component in Sharon’s workouts with clients in order to keep things fun and interesting. She likes to mix it up with bands, towels, a TRX and boot camp drills for example. Over the years, she’s studied Yoga and Pilates which has added to her already keen eye for detail when it comes to proper form. Good form follows good function as the saying goes. If someone’s bio-mechanics are faulty then they need to do more fundamental exercises before moving on to more challenging ones

Sharon is a former personal chef and studied at the Natural Gourmet Cooking school. She’s well versed in grain, gluten-free and dairy free cooking. She loves sharing recipes and can offer suggestions for how to transition to a Paleo or grain free diet.

Sharon enjoys working with a variety of people from seniors, to pre and post natal women. Her personal interests include, spending time with her daughter, Sophia, working out, screenwriting, film, travel, and cooking nutritionally dense and health supportive food.


Danny Binstock

Personal Trainer

Danny is a NCSF Certified Personal trainer with a background in yoga and Alexander Technique. He believes in moving hard and moving fast in the gym in order to move well in daily life. Danny integrates balance, flexibility, and strength into workouts designed to get you feeling your best and meeting your fitness goals. He is also an accomplished marathon runner and has trained many clients to marathon and half-marathon success. Outside of the gym he can usually be found at the theater, in the kitchen, or playing with his dog.

Ana Nieto

Personal Trainer

Ana Nieto is a trained nurse, personal
trainer, nutrition specialist, dance instructor and choreographer. She
is the founder of Turtle Shell Health a company that offers consulting
services for sustainable living. Ana strongly believes that balanced
energy is the key to physical and spiritual success. “By applying
customized techniques to suit our clients’ individual needs, and
focusing on the present rhythms of each session, we are able to
maximize your workouts in order to deliver short term, as well as long
term results.”

Grow Strong from the inside out and transform yourself. Our guided
strength training sessions will safely and effectively strengthen your
whole body in as little as 30 minutes a week. Our cutting edge
techniques stimulate the muscles to work intensely and under safe

Experience the long-term fitness benefits of high intensity
strength training. This is a life-changing, safe method of exercise
that uses the slow movement of weights and is excellent for people of
all ages, delivering proven effects: Grow Stronger, Get Leaner, Balance
Strength with Flexibility, Develop a Deeper Mind-Body Connection and
Optimize Your Overall Health and Wellness.

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Katherine Nespoli

Personal Trainer

Combining sound business principles with over 20 years of proven results in the fitness industry, Katherine Nespoli has established herself as one of the most sought-after and respected personal trainers in New York City. With a background that includes strength training, sports-specific conditioning and varsity level competition, plus extensive experience as a personal trainer, Katherine’s approach is grounded in science. Her passion for fitness and attention to detail form the foundation of her “no nonsense” training method, which is based on kinesiology: the relationship between anatomy and movement. “I feel privileged to share my passion for fitness and my knowledge with people. I am committed to my clients and to the fitness industry. My mission is to help my clients express the ultimate level of fitness and health that I, myself, enjoy. I live my mission every day of my life, as I empower my clients to achieve stronger bodies and stronger minds.”


Nikolett Szentkuti

Personal Trainer

Nikolett is a fitness enthusiast turned personal trainer who aspires to inspire, motivate and help people reach their unique fitness goals. She has earned her certification from the American Council on Exercise (ACe). Nikolett’s upbeat personality and high energy are great additions to her empowering training style. She specializes in strength training, weight loss and outdoor conditioning. Whatever your fitness goals may be, her creativity, enthusiasm and passion will help you achieve positive results. She gained experience at Equinox, XSport Fitness and spent many years of training herself and keeping a healthy lifestyle as a fitness lover. Nikolett thrives to better her craft continuously as a trainer/coach and currently studies the biomechanics of corrective exercise to add to her repertoire. She enjoys outdoor activities, loves challenges and believes that “nothing worthwhile comes easy.”

William DeMerritt

Personal Trainer

William DeMeritt is an American Council on Exercise certified personal trainer and level 1 CrossFit trainer, with additional accreditations in TRX suspension and SFG Kettle Bells.
William also has a background in martial arts. Currently he is employed by one of the major corporate gyms in New York City.

Josh Denenberg

Personal Trainer

IMG_1533Effective and fun fitness programs are Josh’s specialty. He earned his personal training certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine and the World Instructor Training Schools. Josh is studying for his Performance enhancement specialization and corrective exercise specialization. He is certified in CPR/AED and first aid through the American Red Cross. Josh graduated Rutgers university with a B.A. in psychology and minor in public health. Josh’s fitness sessions focus on increasing cardiovascular endurance, and improving muscle strength, stability, and flexibility. He helps his clients achieve myriad goals, from weight loss to functional and sport-specific improvements. In his free time, Josh enjoys playing and watching sports. He likes to evolve his own workouts. A nature lover, he fishes, snowboards, hikes, camps, and last but not least, skydives– active during every season.

Josh lost 50 pounds going into high school, after being extremely overweight and unhealthy. This transformation made fitness and wellness a lifetime priority for him. His goal is to help members achieve resiliency. He believes mental toughness is essential to overcome barriers and achieve true physical strength. His mission is to create a stronger person in each client.

Lesly Gabryell

Personal Trainer

Lesly started teaching while she was pursuing a career at the time as an artist, actress & dancer.
She decided to pursue her passion, training & fitness, getting her 2 Personal Training Certifications,
one from Marymount College & the other from Personal Fitness & Bodyworks Association.

Lesly has taught exercise for 20 + years starting from the very beginner all the way up to the ultimate
athlete, while integrating flexibility, muscle endurance & cardiovascular efficiency in an effort to always
keep the workout, fresh, fun & challenging. Having a diverse clientele of all ages, she incorporates
many types of different exercises, designing a personal training program for each client individually,
whether it is a workout in or outdoors.

Nathalie De Jesus

Personal Trainer

Nathalie’s philosophy is movement without limitations. She believes strongly in conquering any and all fitness goals through proper education, effective and progressive programs, and most importantly, fun! Nathalie grew up with two athletic older brothers, and parents who were very active. So it is safe to say Nathalie followed in their footsteps and took over the torch. As sports became less prevalent in her brother’s lives and her parents suddenly became bombarded with work, Nathalie’s passion for sports and fitness continued and led her to pursue a degree in Exercise Science with study in the field of physical therapy, and athletic training. Nathalie is a certified personal trainer from the National Council of Strength and Fitness and is currently studying for her CSCS. With Nathalie’s education and training experience, she has worked with post injury clients, young kids, pre/post natal, special populations, elderly, athletes, and anything in between. Her greatest satisfaction lies in being able to customize a program that can improve someone’s quality of life through fitness.

Franka Cappella

Personal Trainer

Franka Cappella is a fitness professional born in Grenada & raised in Argentina. Fitness has always been a part of her. She started doing sports at the age of 4 as a gymnast, swimmer, hockey and volleyball player.. She studied Administration in College and several languages. Her certificates includes NCSF Personal Trainer, NASAM nutrition. Kettlebell. Kettlebell Athletics. Yoga. Yoga Alliance. Pilates. ACE. Pre/Post Natal. TRX Suspension training. EFTI Equinox FitnessTraining Institute. Franka has experience working with a wide variety of populations through many different fitness domains including weight loss, strength and conditioning, injury prevention, wellness coaching, and endurance training. All this certificates helps her help the athlete in every aspect of fitness: Balance, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Cardiovascular Endurance. Healthy body, healthy mind, HAPPY LIFE. She currently enjoys weight lifting, HIIT, doing Yoga and practicing Muay Thai. Her greatest attributes are professionalism, Education, Dedication to the client’s specific needs, patience, a firm hand AND FUN. After a workout, she likes to refuel with anything she can put peanut butter on.



Barbara Kaminsky

Practicing yoga has transformed Barbara’s life, allowing her to pass on the benefits to her various clients. “I love that with every breath in yoga, we get to begin again,” she says. “No matter where we are or where we want to be, doing yoga shows us a way to be present and in the moment.”

Barbara has ten years of yoga practice behind her, and is certified in the Barkan Method. She also enjoys Anusara and Vinyasa.

Ola Wideraolawidera

Yoga Instructor

Ola has been studying and teaching yoga for many years in NYC.  Her private classes combine the knowledge of yoga, science, and human anatomy to explore the power of the body to heal on all levels.  Ola’s expertise in the Anusara alignment principles empower her dedicated students to shift and transform from the inside out, in order to create a foundation for radiant health, creativity and illumination in their life.

With warmth and joy, Ola clearly articulates to her students how to resolve all of their therapeutic issues.  Her intention is to provide accessible, practical guidance while teaching clients how to use their awareness of breath combined with precision of muscular alignment to discover their full capabilities. Ola invites you to find the true healing connection with your body and mind to realize the healthy balance of flexibility and strength.

Nan Goldstein

IMG_2318 - CopyYoga

Nan combines her enthusiasm and love of yoga with a knowledge of alignment and body mechanics. Nan’s softer, gentler, slower-paced classes are fun and playful, with easy-to-follow instructions encouraging students to practice deeply while honoring and working with their limitations. By catering to each student’s individual needs, Nan is dedicated to making yoga accessible to people of all ages, sizes and fitness levels, so each can benefit from its transformative powers.

Nan began teaching yoga after many years in the corporate world in order to make a positive change in her life and the lives of others. She received her yoga teaching certification from Alison West / Yoga Union. Nan is also a certified chair yoga instructor. Besides yoga, Nan is also passionate about snorkeling and the conservation of coral reefs.

Hillary Helmling

Originally from Indiana, Hillary moved to New York City with a BFA in Music Theatre in hand ready to take on the Big Apple. While pursuing a performing career, she found she needed an outlet from the long days of pounding the pavement. Hillary stumbled into a yoga studio in Union Square and was hooked! She received her certification from Sonic Yoga – Center for Yoga Studies and The Prenatal Yoga Center.

Hillary is very passionate that yoga is a daily practice that can help gain perspective, balance, and mindfulness in all aspects of your life. She incorporates many forms of yoga into her sessions through a creative flow and fun music, as well as a strong emphasis on breath work, alignment, strength, and intention. Hillary is grateful to all the teachers she has had the privilege to study with who have helped to shape her own yoga practice and hopes to help you find your own journey as well.

Andrea Jane Dispenziere


Andrea began her yoga journey while studying dance at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, where she studied under Tara Marie Peri, founder of “Mind Body Dancer”. After receiving her BFA in dance, she began a regular yoga practice, not only to maintain body condition and flexibility, but also to deepen her spiritual connection to movement. In 2008, she completed her 200 hour yoga teacher certification through the Atmananda Sequence. An avid traveler since then, she has expanded her practice to the yogic methods of Anna Forrest, Ashtanga, Anusara, Bikram, and Hatha. She also has proficient experience with Alexander Technique structural/postural alignment, and Thai massage.

Her class style varies, depending on the needs of the client: from restorative yoga to power yoga, she can adapt her teachings to follow suit. Descriptions are anatomically detailed, and also saturated with playful imagery. “My greatest interest lies in creating a beautiful mind/body experience through word painting, and sensory awareness. All levels are welcome!”

Puy Navarro

Personal Training/Yoga/Latin Dance

Born in Spain, Puy has been an actress and a producer of theater about Social Issues and Human Rights in NYC since 2005. Since September 2009 she has been teaching Yoga for Executives at the US/Spain Chamber of Commerce at the Empire State Building and also at The Hispanic Society of America. She currently teaches at ISHTA. She has been to India twice where she has deepened her studies on the Sutras, Hatha, Tantra and Ayurveda. She believes that when we are in full command of our physical, mental and emotional capacities we can live fearlessly, and we can open ourselves to new experiences, new challenges, and let our energy flow freely to express our unique talents.

Michele Rafferty

New Image1Yoga

Michele, a certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher (RYT) and Movement Specialist, trained at the prestigious Laban Centre for Movement and Dance in London and has over a decade of experience teaching dance and yoga. She is inspired by many disciplines: Modern Dance–Doris Humphrey, Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement, Bodywork–Healing Touch, and Kripalu and Sivananda Yoga.

Whether an individual or group session, Michele designs a framework that keeps the student focused and grounded, and within it creates a dynamic experience that is spontaneous and creative. ‘I want you to feel inspired to take care of your body and mind–yoga, or any wellness/fitness program is not a quick fix, but an opportunity to reach your fullest potential, whatever your goal!’

Eleni Pantazakos


Eleni Pantazakos believes quite simply that yoga can change your life. It is a path that can transform you mentally and physically, shifting your perception beyond what you ever thought possible. She received her initial certification from Sonic Yoga. She is currently finishing up her second training through Life Power Yoga as taught by Johnny Kest. Rooted in Ashtanga, students are encouraged and empowered to take their practice as their own. Through the use of meditation and breath, she guides her students to fully step in to their body and mind with the intention of keeping integrity in their practice. So it doesn’t matter if you can touch your toes or bend over backwards, this practice is for everyone and the only requirement is showing up!

She has been teaching for 2 years and is currently based out of Long Island teaching Chair Yoga, Vinyasa Flow and Hot Vinyasa.

Chrissy Sheehan

Sheehan_Christina_8069_ret copyYoga

Chrissy Sheehan started practicing yoga believing she had just found a fun new exercise program. Little did she know in a few short years her life would be completely changed. She found on the mat a safe place to have fun, fall down, and never stop learning and exploring. It is this sense of adventure and unlimited possibilities she wants to pass on to her students. Chrissy has spent most of her life studying both blank verse and the human condition while on stage, and loves bringing her crazy theatrical energy to her classes. She completed her 200 hour teacher training at Sonic Yoga in May of 2012, where she learned at least as much about herself as she did how to teach.

Tara Heal

Tara -option 1Yoga

Breathe. Bend. Be: A mantra that Tara lives by. An alumni of The University of Michigan’s Music Theatre program, Tara has incorporated spirited movement for stage, fitness, and happiness into her life for as long as she can remember. A Dancer and movement enthusiast, she became a Yoga Alliance certified instructor in Vinyasa through Mary Bruce and Johnna Smith of Rod Stryker’s YogaOne in 2008.

Her classes incorporate a sweaty, fluid sequencing of shapes and breath to tighten the core, open the mind, loosen the joints and cultivate strength and length of the muscles. Tara’s teaching experience ranges broadly from NYC corporate groups at open level, Kid, Tween and Teen Yoga Classes, Mommy and Me, Athletic Yoga, Core Yoga, YogaG (an energetic, graceful flow with music for Dancers), Anusara, Hatha Flow, and Restorative. She has significant practice in tailoring a class style to the needs of a specific group or person. Tara is forever grateful for the physical, mental and emotional benefits of Yoga. No matter the the style, she focuses on alignment, breathing, grace and freedom in cultivating YOUR best practice. Come flow and breathe with T!

Emily Schreter



Emily found yoga after being diagnosed with scoliosis in 2007. She quickly realized yoga also addressed postural misalignment and other feelings of discomfort she had been feeling in her body for years. Today she has a completely different level of energy and perspective on life which she attributes to the powerful physical practice of the postures and also the more subtle energetic aspects including meditation. Combining breath based movement with longer holding poses and detailed alignment instruction, Emily guides students to move easefully while listening inward connecting body, mind, breath, energy and spirit. Emily is interested in how the teachings and tools of yoga help to cultivate awareness and can positively affect our everyday lives from feeling comfortable in our bodies in daily activities to improved concentration to staying present.

Emily’s journey to wellness has led her to continue her studies. After 8 years in the corporate world she recently quit her job to and is also currently working towards her degree in Health and Nutrition Science at Brooklyn College. Incorporating her undergraduate studies in psychology and her passion for food and healthful living, Emily also works with individuals as a health coach.

Amy Perri

Beach in Lotus profile pic

Practicing for nearly 20 years, Amy began with pre-natal yoga while expecting her first son in 1996. After completing her 200 Hour Teacher Training with Into This World Yoga Productions on Long Island in 2007, she was drawn to continue her studies with Rolf Gates, (Master Yoga Teacher and acclaimed Author of “Meditations from the Mat”). Amy completed Rolf’s 500 Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in 2010 from which she graduated as a Yoga Alliance Certified 500 Hour ERYT. Amy enjoys teaching adults and children, bringing yoga to the developmentally disabled and presenting workshops in area studios. She also takes great pride in using yoga as a fundraising tool to support local charities. She is a member of the Long Island Yoga Assn as well as the Asperger’s Syndrome & High Functioning Autism Assn for which she facilitates a parent support group.

Sarah Anjali


Sarah Anjali holds a Yoga Teacher Certificate from The Kripalu Center in Lennox Mass. Kripalu Yoga is a conscious practice of physical yoga postures, breathing exercises, meditation and relaxation techniques for integrating body mind and spirit. Sarah is particularly interested in intensive core strengthening in her classes, she believes a strong core translates into stability, stamina and alignment in all standing poses.

In addition to Yoga, Sarah was formally trained in ballet, and has instructed personal training and aerobics classes. She holds a graduate degree in education and taught in the public school system for 13 years. Sarah loves all things to do with the beach and watersports, in the summer you will find Sarah teaching paddle board yoga in and around her hometown of Southampton NY. Sarah believes in consistently maintaining and improving her professional knowledge and competence, striving for professional excellence through continued education and training.

Natalie Green


Natalie Green is a professional dancer, yoga and pilates teacher based in Brooklyn. Her teaching style is fluid and light-hearted with an emphasis on spinal health, proper anatomical alignment, efficiency of movement, core coordination, and mindful breath work. Natalie is a spirited mover and compassionate teacher who strives to empower individuals to live embodied and active lives according to their own goals and priorities.

Zoe DeMoss


Earned her Senior Yoga Instructor Certification from the Asian Yoga Association in 2007, and completed her 500 R.Y.T. program through the Triad Yoga Institution, NC. Zoe owned and managed Meizi Yoga studio in Shenzhen, China before coming to U.S., and starting teaching and sharing her yoga passion in the States since 2009. She believes yoga is a powerful tool to balance our mind, body, and spirit, and everyone can use this tool to empower all aspects of their life. Zoe has attached yoga training with Aadil Palkhivala, Bo Forbes, Elise Miller and Nicolai Bachman. Her teaching styles include alignment based yoga, Vinyasa flow yoga, restoraitive yoga, Yin yoga, and therapeutic yoga.

Anne Tangi

photo 1

As a dancer with back pain, Anne first saw yoga as a marvelous physical exercise that left her body feeling open in ways she had never experienced. She later discovered that there is so much more to yoga than asana, or the postures. For Anne, yoga is the connection among all things, being present, accepting what is and moving forward from a place of love, faith and hope.

After beginning to experience additional elements of yoga, such as meditation, the power of breath, and ways to connect the poses to other aspects of life, Anne wanted to help others experience that depth and bliss. She completed her RYT-200 hour certification through Yoga Bliss/Yoga in the Woods in 2011. In her classes, Anne loves helping create a safe, encouraging space where students let their breath guide their practice. She uses imagery and metaphors to help bring her students to a deeper place. She incorporates her background as a dancer, choreographer, and fitness instructor to create fluid sequences that leave the body feeling super-mobile, stimulated, open, strong, and nurtured. Ultimately, as a teacher, Anne aims to help others feel more comfortable in their own skin, tap into their unique rhythms, and shine their light.

Caryna Wong


Caryna’s main focus is using yoga for health and longevity. Having been in IT for 15 years, she brings a very analytical and systematic approach to her work which combines Vinyasa, Hatha, Aerial, & Restorative methods. She has used yoga for pain management of herniated discs in her neck and lower back, reducing her scoliosis curves, dealing with a shoulder injury and overall strengthening to maintain good posture and coordination. She has studied with Dr. Loren Fishman and Alison West and teaches Dr. Fishman’s Methods that include Yoga for Osteoporosis, Yoga for Arthritis, Yoga for Back Care & Scoliosis, and his Rotator Cuff “Cure”. She continues to study and is fascinated by the body’s ability to heal itself.

arm balance on the Hudson river

Nancy Dunn-Gallin


Nancy is a certified E-RYT 200 yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance. She holds additional certifications in Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga and Pre-Natal Yoga. She leads corporate, group and private meditation sessions throughout the Westchester area. Nancy teaches yoga daily at a variety of venues; yoga studios, gyms, corporate locations, and has a dedicated and loyal private client base. Her RYS-200 yoga school, NARAM, is currently teaching the next group of students who are on a path of self discovery and yoga teacher certification.

Nancy’s fun, creative, alignment based Vinyasa Flow teaching style encourages students to find happiness on and off their mat and that strength, balance and flexibility of the mind and body are attainable! She believes if your learn something new and teach someone every day, you will lead a rewarding life full of peace and contentment. She hopes to spread joy one yoga class at a time!

Audrey TesserotAudrey201


As a professional actor, dancer, and singer, my body is my instrument. I treat it with love and care, and I seek to help my yoga students do the same. As a yoga teacher, I hope that anyone with any level of knowledge or ability can take my class and leave a happier person seeking to expand their yoga practice. I teach an innovative vinyasa style that strikes a balance between strengthening, challenging sequences and peaceful, restorative practice.

For many years, I attended extremely demanding vinyasa yoga classes while dealing with chronic shoulder pain. Then I began Back Bay Yoga’s teacher training and discovered the wonders that a subtle yoga practice has to offer. I learned more about my body and the healing process than ever before. I believe that the best way to allow the body to heal and become stronger is by finding a balance between challenging the muscles and releasing the tension within the body. That’s why my classes are designed to marry strength and ease on the mat. A well rounded practice makes for a balanced yogi and a balanced lifestyle.

I studied at Back Bay Yoga in Boston, MA (now YogaWorks) and completed Back Bay’s 200-hr teacher training with Lynne Begier, Ryan Cunningham, and Renee LeBlanc.




Najla Said

Najla Said
Najla has been doing Pilates for over ten years, and was certified as an Authentic Instructor in 2004 through the New York Pilates Studio. An avid runner and lifelong athlete, she discovered Pilates method while recovering from knee surgery and a hip injury. Pilates was the first truly tough and satisfying workout she was able to do (and enjoy) despite her injuries. SInce she began, she has been virtually pain free, and now is thrilled to be able to watch her clients achieve the same relief as they also build a strength, flexibilty and endurance that allows them to succeed in any other athletic endeavor they choose. She wholeheartedly believes that anything is possible; no one should feel that an injury prevents them from getting a safely, effective, challenging, and fun workout.

Sadie Gilbertson

Personal Training/Pilates

Sadie has been an explorer of movement for over 25 years. She began her training in dance, performing and teaching professionally throughout the country and abroad. With an ever curious mind, she continues to seek additional pathways of whole body fitness, with a holistic and joyful approach. She has been a certified personal trainer for eight years, with the National Association of Sports Medicine (NASM). She is also a certified Pilates instructor (focusing on neutral spine) from the prestigious Erika Bloom Pilates program. Sadie takes the best from all modalities such as: sports training, dance, yoga, and Pilates to best support her clients with their goals.

Eudora Ellis

Eudora Yoga

Eudora Ellis is a 500 hour yoga alliance certified yoga teacher who studied Vinyasa flow with Exhale New York and Prana flow with Shiva Rea California.

  • She is in the Mentor Program with Co director of Sonic Yoga Johanna Bell.
  • She has a 500 hour massage therapy degree from the Baltimore School of Massage
  • A 300 hour Ayurvedic consultant certificate with Maria Garre from the Ayurvedic Institute New Mexico.
  • Eudora has a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary studies encompassing movement therapy, psychology and philosophy with a minor in dance.
  • Experienced with Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Pilates and Fitness Training with Weights

Her professional life is in music as a jazz singer, composer and vocal coach graduating summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Music in Songwriting from Berklee College of Music in Boston. She lived in Europe for many years and is well traveled. She is passionate in exploring the music and dance traditions of various cultures and likes to bring world music into her classes.

Eudora will lead you through a chakra balancing class in Vinyasa flow yoga exploring the relationship between the breath, movement and sound. The use of mudras, special hand gestures, chanting, and pranayama, breathing exercises, will send energy to particular chakras bringing you into a deep peaceful inner silence. Meditating with the music allowing the sounds to resonate and open your heart and soul to bliss!



Daria Fain

Chi Gong instructor

Daria Faïn has been certified in the Alexander Technique since 1991. She has studied with Chi Kung Master Mantak Chia and senior teachers of the Universal Healing Tao (Mantak Chia Chi Kung University) since 1996 and has been an instructor of this system since 2001. Faïn has also studied with Chinese acupuncturist/herbalist/Chi Kung/martial Art master, Dr Jian, founder of the Kimetao in Paris from 1988 to 1995. Over the years Faïn’s somatic research has led her to work with psychotics, the developmentally disabled, and blind-deaf individuals, leading to a complex understanding of the body as a endless resource of knowledge.

Daria Faïn is also an acclaimed New York choreographer originally from Antibes, France. Her choreography fuses her European cultural background with two decades of practice in Asian philosophies of the body and American dance training. From this diverse background Fain has developed a unique movement and performance approach. She studied the classical Indian dance form Bharatha Natyam for five years in Paris with Amala Devi and in Madras, India with Swarnamuckie (State dancer of Tamil Nadu, 1982). In India she also studied the co-relationship between this classical form of dance and temple architecture. She was deeply influenced by her work with the Butoh-based artist Min Tanaka. From 1984 to 1986 she studied at the Graham School in NYC.

Melanie Maar

snapshot Melanie Maar 2013
Chi Gong

Melanie is a certified Yoga instructor through Laughing Lotus since 2002. She will soon be receiving a teacher certificate through Master Mantak Chia’s program/Universal Healing Tao. Melanie has been practicing and teaching Qi Gong for many years within the system of lineage of Daria Fain, Master Mantak Chia and Sifu Mathew Lee. She also incorporates Tai Chi forms and practices into her classes.

Laura Shapiro

IMG_2546_72dpiChi Gong and Pilates

Laura Shapiro is a choreographer with over three decades of experience teaching people of all ages and abilities in group classes and one-to-one sessions. She currently works with men and women, aged 20s to 90s, seeking to enhance fitness and energy levels; pregnant and postpartum women; and adults dealing with the discomfort and wear and tear resulting from postural habits and/or injuries—at venues including the Center for Healing and Awareness, AHRC, two YMCAs, as well as Mind Over Matter.

Her credentials include permission from her chi kung/tai chi teacher to teach (this is traditional/authentic certification); certification for IM=X Pilates Basic and Super-Advanced Floor Work and Tai Chi for Arthritis; post-certification training for the pregnant and postpartum woman with Debra Goodman, PT; and decades of professional dance and related studies including Aikido, Body-Mind Centering, Chi Kung and Tai Chi, Meditation, Neuromuscular Re-education, several approaches to Pilates, Sensory Awareness and Voice.

Anna Carapetyan

TheRecord-80Chi Gong

Anna Carapetyan has studied Chi Gong with Daria Fain for five years. Her deep understanding of movement and the body is also influenced by Alexander Technique and Feldenkrais Technique, or Awareness Through Movement, and twenty five years of dance training in many forms and styles. She is passionate about health and wellness and is grateful for the opportunity to gain insight into the energetic body through engaging with other practitioners.

Ronney Ascher

Picture 097
Chi Gong

Ronney has been enjoying a career in fitness and health for the last 15 years. He had a career as a dancer that brought him to studying the Alexander Technique. Along with the Alexander technique, he has studied Qi Gong with Lee Holden.

Ronney firmly believes that health and fitness are a choice that one can make. Watching people change before your eyes and find confidence with themselves has to be one of the most rewarding experiences ever imagined. Weight training is a great way to build the body you long to have. Qi gong helps bring the mind and spirit into the picture.

Ann Reibel-Coyne

Chi Gong

Ann Reibel-Coyne is a licensed acupuncturist in the state of New York, and is certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Relieving joint pain, inflammation, insomnia and stress related conditions with Acupuncture and Auricular Therapy are among her specialties. Clinically, Ann’s extensive experience includes 20 years in private practice, an acupuncturist’s supervisory position at the Swedish Institute, and treatment of HIV+ clients and Spanish speaking seniors.

Ann is also an enthusiastic teacher of Tai Chi and Qi Gong and is certified by the National Qigong Association. She believes a gentle practice yields greater health benefits.

Ann’s own journey to maintaining vibrant health has inspired her to work with others. She strives to provide unique exercises designed to address each individual’s health concerns, while also improving mobility for those with physical limitations. The emphasis is on relaxation, breathing and posture.
Ann has loved Tai Chi & Qi Gong since her first class. Over time she came to value the Qi Gong exercises noting that she felt more open, limber, and calmer afterwards. This improved focus enhanced her Tai Chi form and her skill as an acupuncturist. Ann acquired training in Tai Chi and Qi Gong from years of ongoing study with Masters Jeffrey Yuen, a Taoist priest, and Huaqi Wang, a Buddhist and silver medal recipient from competitions in China.

Ann’s philosophy is to ease discomfort by raising awareness of lifestyle choices and, most important, she compassionately inspires patient confidence in healing.



Heather Raymondheatherraymond

Massage Therapist

Heather Raymond knows the transformative powers of bodywork, exercise and holistic health. Drawing upon17 years experience as a licensed massage therapist and personal trainer with a deep love of her craft, Heather customizes each massage session to your individual needs, preferences, and past/present physical condition.

Selecting from modalities such as Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point, myofascial release, sports massage, pregnancy massage, stretching, and bio-cranial technique,  you can relax as Heather works to eliminate your pain, rejuvenate your body, and facilitates health inside and out.

Recently listed as one of the best LMTs, in New York City for the book, “Keen on New York, Platinum Edition”, Heather is described by one of her clients as “an angel with hands from heaven, who never met pain she could not remove.”

Franco Castiglione

Me LeaningThai Yoga Massage Therapist

Franco is a hands on healer, who graduated from the country’s finest Massage School: The Swedish Institute of Massage therapy and Applied Health Sciences, here in New York City.

He has been working in the field for many years all around the city, and has vast experience with several different modalities of massage, including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Medical, Thai, Reflexology, Shiatsu, Prenatal, Cranial-Sacral, Lomi Lomi, Hot and Cold Stone, and several others.

He is also certified in Nutrition and Personal Training, and sometimes adds a touch of Reiki to his sessions.

Sessions also can include body assessment, alignment, moisturizing, and aromatherapy.

Massage can be an important way to release stress, and free inner channels. It can open the flow of your life force, release blocks, and tune up and align your physical house.


Deanna Nemes

Line Dance Instructor/Nutrition Consultant

Head shot

Deanna has been teaching line dancing to a students of all ages for the last 5 years on Long Island with a total of seven years’ experience. She is a member of the National Teacher’s Association (NTA) and Long Island Country Music Association (LICMA). Deanna designs and leads students through dynamic classes that offer a wonderful workout that is exercise in disguise. Beyond the obvious physical benefits of dancing, line dance also offers wonderful cognitive, social, and spiritual advantages. In a world that often lacks connection, there is nothing quite like getting on a dance floor with a group of strangers and finding commonality with music and movement.

Deanna has been a dancer all of her life with a background in jazz, ballet, modern, lyrical, jitterbug/swing, ballroom and country line dancing. Additionally, Deanna holds a Master’s Degree Holistic Nutrition (MSHN) and is the owner of Fork Therapy. She does not believe in dieting but rather using food to support optimal health. Due to biochemical individuality this can mean different things for different people. Deanna is also co-coordinator of Talk About Curing Autism – New York. She has successfully used dietary modification to alleviate many of the behavioral symptoms that are associated with Autism in her daughter. She now helps guide other families in making similar changes.


Nicole Glassman


Nicole Glassman’s passion for helping others stems from her experience overcoming her own health challenges. After completing a Graduate Degree in Food Studies at New York University, Nicole Glassman was one of the first practitioners to achieve certification in Dr. D’Adamo’s Blood Type course. She is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and is certified in Holistic Health Counseling and in Bio-Energetic Assessment. Nicole has presented on holistic health at numerous corporations and institutions throughout New York City, including the Ethical Culture School, Hostos Community College, Colgate Palmolive, Chelsea Movement, Therapy and AMC Theatres. She runs a successful private practice in Manhattan specializing in holistic nutrition and detoxification.



Karina Lombrozo

Alexander Technique

Meet Karina, a California girl at heart, with a Latin flare whose goal it is to change the paradigm of pain relief and performance enhancement – one vertebra at a time. Her passion for health & wellness, pedagogy, and the performing arts harmoniously merged in her practice and teaching of The Alexander Technique – a body/mind modality aimed at kinesthetic re-education. Lessons in the Alexander Technique are taught through a delicate hands-on guidance, verbal instruction, observation, and sensory-motor learning applicable to daily activities, as well as, specialized skills. It is a practical method for improving quality of movement, balance, and coordination resulting in musculo-skeletal freedom, ease, and relief from chronic pain. Nationally certified by The American Center for The Alexander Technique and The American Society for The Alexander Technique, Karina excels at teaching this unique method in a dynamic, clear, fun, and compassionate way.

In addition, Karina is currently enrolled in Four Winds Academy’s New York City – Healer Training Certification Program and uses several healing modalities in concert with her teaching.

Puy Navarro

Personal Training/Yoga/Latin Dance

Born in Spain, Puy has been an actress and a producer of theater about Social Issues and Human Rights in NYC since 2005. Since September 2009 she has been teaching Yoga for Executives at the US/Spain Chamber of Commerce at the Empire State Building and also at The Hispanic Society of America. She currently teaches at ISHTA. She has been to India twice where she has deepened her studies on the Sutras, Hatha, Tantra and Ayurveda. She believes that when we are in full command of our physical, mental and emotional capacities we can live fearlessly, and we can open ourselves to new experiences, new challenges, and let our energy flow freely to express our unique talents.

Myron Tucker

Fitness & Life Coach

Myron is a Fitness and Life Fulfillment Engineering Coach for individuals, small groups and organizations. His fitness coaching sessions focuses on plyometrics which include weight conditioning, core conditioning, cardio/active rest exercises and nutritional evaluation. His Life Fulfillment coaching utilizes several models including the Whole Life Model, 5 Levels of Focus Model and SMART Goals Principle. Additionally, Myron has attended classes taught by Rev. Michael Beckwith of Agape International Church, and Rev. August Gold formerly of Sacred Center New York Spiritual Center. He is currently studying Nichiren Buddhism.

Cynthia La China

newprofileGroup Dance Instructor

Cynthia La China is fun, fit, fabulous and fifty+. She is an energetic fitness instructor, passionate dance teacher, creative director, choreographer and veteran social dancer specializing in Salsa, Latin, Afro Cuban, Caribbean & World dance rhythms. A designer by trade, dance teacher/performer by passion, Cynthia has been teaching and choreographing dance routines as alternative outlets for creative thinking and artistic expression since 2000. Founder of NYSalsababy Dance, Cynthia has been serving communities, schools, cultural institutes with dance, music, cultural, social events for all ages; teaching fundamentals, essentials, benefits of dance through movement exploration, music education, cultural awareness, progressive learning, and connection in solo or partner dancing.

In 2014, Cynthia stumbled upon “ShapeupNYC Fitness Instructor Training Program” that launched her new venture as a fitness instructor. Currently she teaches Zumba, Latin dance, yoga & toning for Mind Over Matter Fitness. She is CPR/AED certified and specializes in:

* Zumba, Zumba Gold, Zumba Step, Aqua Zumba, Strong by Zumba
* TRX Suspension Training
* Practical Yoga Training
* New Mom Stroller Bootcamp
* Total Body Conditioning
* Stretch, Tone and Balance for active retirees
* SalsaXtrim – dance workout combining solo and partner dancing to various latin rhythms: salsa, mambo, cha cha, pachanga, boogaloo, latin jazz, rumba, afro cuban and more.

Kelly Wadler

Group Dance Instructor

Kelly can be described as an enthusiastic, super positive, highly sensitive Pisces who loves an epic dance party, a great glass of wine, and powerful conversation. Her passion in life is to help people celebrate who they are! Competitively trained dancer since 9 years old, received her BFA in Theater Arts from Hofstra University, Health Coaching certification from IIN and has been instructing Zumba, Spin and Cardio Dance for the last 5 years! From incredible music to super fun choreography Kelly’s classes promise to be a high energy sweat fest that ignite the soul! Ya know that awesome feeling when you are dancing in front of the mirror like no one is watching? That’s exactly what she designs her classes to feel like! She have been featured on the Today Show, mindbodygreen, I Heart Media, Elvis Duran and The Morning Show and hosts her own podcast on Transformation Talk Radio.


Ilona Bito

Dance Instructor 



Ilona Bito is a dancer, choreographer, and educator based in NYC since 2010. Her teaching connects the internal practices of Qi Gong and Tai Chi with the external applications of martial arts and expressive action. After studying dance in its myriad forms for her whole life, the wisdom of the Chinese martial traditions, such as the law of the five elements, have invited her to cultivate transformative and balancing energy within herself as well as in others. She is currently training to be certified in Coremotion with Daria Fain, as well as to receive a Black Belt under Sifu Paul Koh. She holds two gold medals for Tai Chi push hands from the US Open Martial Arts Championship (NYC) with the William C.C. Chen team, as well as a BA and Ms. Ed. From Sarah Lawrence College. She deeply believes that teaching is an Art, and the dynamic relationship between teaching and learning are at the heart of her creative process.


Linda Rubin

Personal Chef, owner of L’s Kitchen, LLC

Linda is a 2008 Graduate from the Natural Gourmet Culinary Institute. She has taught cooking classes at Lenox Hill Hospital, and obtained a Culinary Nutrition Certification in 2014. Chef Linda loves showing people that there is a big, wonderful world of quick, delicious and nutritious foods out there and that they aren’t daunting to prepare and cook as one might think! Chef Linda first finds out if a new client has food allergies/aversions and then builds a menu free of those items. Having worked full-time in the corporate world as a director of advertising, Linda completely understands the challenges of trying to grocery shop, chop, prep and then cook meals after a long day of work. Linda teaches shortcuts* to help people with limited time create quick and easy meals with maximum flavor and nutrition. *Shortcuts means in technique only, never using artificial preservatives.

Linda has created a line of organic energy bars and cookies called Lil’ Leenies. When not working in the kitchen, Linda enjoys dining out at the wonderful variety of restaurants found throughout New York, attends broadway and off-broadway shows, and is a New York history buff.

Kevin Salguero

Youth Baseball

Kevin Salguero has years of experience working with student athletes of all ages around the New York City area. A native of Queens, NY, Kevin grew up with Shea Stadium, and the ball fields of Flushing as his playground. He was a relief pitcher for Queens College, where he double majored in Media Studies and English. He was a staple in the bullpen for the Knights, being known to keep cool under pressure. He continues to play the sport he loves, and he shares that passion for the game with all the young athletes he works with.

Currently, Kevin works as the Assistant Director for Home Run Baseball Camp, where he teaches baseball to elementary school youth. He is well known for exuding positive energy, for his zen like patience and his ability to bring out the best in all his players. Coaching has led him to travel to different ball fields across the country and around the world.

Kevin resides in the Upper West Side of Manhattan with his wife. He tries to read a book a week and has yet to encounter a food he dislikes. He also enjoys creating new dishes in the kitchen. Kevin is also an avid fitness enthusiast. If you happen to catch him going for a jog through Central Park, feel free to stop him for some tips on pitching or hitting!


Keyasha Williams-BaileyIMG_8208

Group Dance Instructor

I’m a professional dancer who believes in developing strength, endurance, and proficiency of the body through movement. I have a dance degree through New World School of the Arts/University of Florida and I have been a personal trainer for over two years. I enjoy teaching my clients body awareness and working with their natural body weight. Fitness is universal, transferable to everything we do in our daily lives, and can be made lots of fun. My training will integrate breathing, functionality, and energized enthusiasm for you to enjoy your workouts. I specifically contour my programs for you to execute them in a gym as well as in your living room. I will provide you fitness made fun!!!




Dr. Robert MorrisonCapture


Dr. Robert Morrison is a chiropractor specializing in Applied Kinesiology (DIBAK), Clinical Nutrition (DACBN), and Functional Medicine (FMU).  He practiced in Italy for 12 years before returning to his hometown of NYC in 2014.  He has earned acclaim as an international lecturer and published the authoritative textbook Applied Kinesiology Manual Muscle Testing in 2012.  He has worked extensively with dancers, athletes, and yoga students throughout his career.  Apart from reducing pain and improving metabolic health, his techniques focus on enhancing balance, coordination, and flexibility.






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