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Hate tripping over sweaty bodies in an overcrowded Yoga studio? Opt for a focused individual session with one of Mind Over Matter’s trained Yoga instructors. Mind Over Matter’s knowledgeable Yoga professionals will work to maintain your center while helping to fine-tune poses and postures. Our goal is to help you achieve the maximum benefits from your Yoga practice.


Our seasoned yoga instructors will fine-tune your practice by focusing on your posture and poses, while maximizing the benefits of the practice. The individualized, one-on-one attention from Mind Over Matter’s instructors far exceeds any Yoga training you will receive in a crowded classroom.

  • Sculpt your way to a long, lean body
  • Develop abdominal strength and greater flexibility
  • Improve posture, balance, and core strength
  • Focus on breathing while decreasing stress levels

Bye Bye Belly

Mind Over Matter is excited to continue our new yoga class specifically catered to new moms: Bye Bye Belly.  If you’re a new mommy looking to get back to your pre-pregnancy figure (with special attention to the little belly you might have gained), look no further.

Bye Bye Belly offers a combination of abdominal and core work, along with yoga and stretching.  Think long, lean muscles combined with a flat stomach and strong back.  Great for all fitness levels and most importantly, if you’re having trouble finding a sitter, no need!  Class can be performed with or without the little one.

Monday, 9:30 AM
No class 5/28–Memorial Day Weekend

NW Corner of River Terrace and Murray
Battery Park City

$140 for four classes
$40/individual class

Please bring your own yoga mat!


Hatha Yoga

The term Hatha Yoga refers to the practice of asanas or postures. The syllable “ha” refers to “prana” or vital force that governs the body. The term “tha” refers to the mental force and hence hatha yoga is considered a catalyst that awakens both of the energy levels that governs one’s life.

Hatha yoga is known as “The Yoga of Vitality.” It represents opposing energies following the same principal as yin-yang (male and female, positive and negative, hot and cold, etc.) Hatha yoga attempts to balance the mind and body. Asanas teach poise, balance and strength, and clear the mind.

yoga mind over matter new york fitnessVinyasa

Vinyasa is a term that covers a broad range of yoga classes. The word Vinyasa means “breath-synchronized movement.” In other words, the teacher will instruct you to move from one pose to the next on an inhale or an exhale. This technique is sometimes referred to as Flow because of the smooth way that the poses run together.

Each movement in the series is done on an inhalation or exhalation. Some very popular yoga styles, such as Ashtanga and Power Yoga make use of Vinyasa method.


This therapy takes account of your whole being and lifestyle. It is a complete holistic approach for harmonized change to improve health and well being.

According to Ayurvedic texts, the human body is made up of the five elements of nature: (air, fire, water, space, and earth.) Each one is associated with different parts of the body and internal messaging between these parts. These elements are used to represent the structure of the body.
The structural aspects are then combined to create the three “Doshas” (Sanskrit for “forces that disturb”) which are responsible for the functional aspects of the body and how it reacts to the world around it. This practice covers things such as exercise that effect the basic physical appearance, behaviors, energy levels, attitudes and emotions.

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