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pilates joshua margolis new york fitnessDiscover what many celebrity women have known for years – you can transform the way your body looks, feels and performs with Pilates.

Through carefully supervised stretching and core strengthening moves, you’ll learn about internal and external balance. Mind Over Matter’s instructors will also help explain how Pilates principles can spill over into other areas of your life.

Mind Over Matter’s Pilates instructors will work with you to:

  • Develop a sturdy core: flat abdominals and a strong back
  • Build lean flexible muscle without bulking up
  • Create a toned, lithe and conditioned body
  • Prevent fitness and non-exercise related injuries


Joseph Pilates created the exercise known today as Pilates, to achieve a workout that engaged the mind and body connection. He started building the foundation for his new phenomenon during World War I when he wanted to enable his patients to exercise in bed. He redesigned a hospital bed with springs and pulleys that he used to rehabilitate men who suffered injuries during the war. He brought this new form of exercise with him to the United States, and from there he was quickly recognized by the famous dancers George Ballanchine and Martha Graham. These two became Pilates devotees after realizing that they could strengthen and condition their bodies to develop the needed long lean muscles without the bulk.

After 43 years of testing and developing his routine, which he labeled the Contrology, Pilates wrote a book that describes the simple concept of “waking up the muscles.” As he saw it, if the muscles are awakened from their sleepy and conditioned state, then a path is opened to the brain which connects the sympathetic nervous system with the muscles. Pilates consists of both floor work and machine exercises, but working out on the machines is the purest form of the technique. The most commonly used machine is the reformer, a wooden-framed gizmo with pulleys, cables, springs, adjustable bars, and a cushioned carriage. A reformer uses a person’s body weight for resistance as the arms or legs are stretched with slow rhythmic movements. Muscles become toned and long instead of bulky and tight.

Mat Work
Our instructors are trained in mat exercise, which is the essence of Pilates. Mat work can be extremely effective. Pilates was initially developed to be used primarily on the mat, but Joseph Pilates realized that many of us were not strong enough to perform the movements and created the machines to supplement the mat work.

Everyone Benefits from Pilates Training
All of us need to strengthen our core (muscles that stabilize and support our spine). Core strength is an essential part of maintaining your posture, balance, movement and a healthy pliable body.

Our clients include athletes, children, adults, and or those individuals with body aches, bulging discs and other conditions of the spine. Many times patients who have completed physical therapy sessions and need a strengthening body workout can benefit from this workout.


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