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Posted on April 10th, 2009 by mindovermatter in Overall Fitness

1. Add flavor to meals without added fat by substituting low sodium chicken broth for oil or butter when cooking rice & pasta dishes.

Add flavor to your meals without added fat! Just substitute low sodium chicken broth for oil or butter when cooking rice or pasta dishes! You’ll save 36 calories and 5 to 6 grams of fat per serving. Broth also adds flavor to simply steamed veggies. Just sub it for water and cook as usual.
2. Get more fiber and lower your chance for heart disease by exchanging whole grains (brown rice, quinoa, millet) for white rice and cous cous. Cook them like rice and add to soups, salads, and stir-fries.

Exchange whole grains (brown rice, quinoa, millet, barley, faro) for white rice and cous cous to get more bang for your buck! This easy switch will provide you with 5-8 grams of fiber per serving and can reduce your risk for heart disease by roughly 20 percent. Need a few ideas on how to incorporate these foods into your kitchen? Easy, cook these grains as you would rice (simmer, covered, over low heat) and add to soups, salads, and stir-fries.
3. Add “no salt added” canned beans (easier and just as healthy as dried beans) to any meal for an economical and tasty fiber and protein boost!

Beans, beans good for your heart (I’ll stop there!). Add beans to any meal for an economical and tasty fiber and protein boost! Dried beans can take forever to prepare (soaking over night, etc), canned beans are just as healthy as long as you buy the “no added salt” variety. Just open, rinse with water and add to your salad, soup, or snack on them alone!
4. Yogurt is a healthy choice, but be sure to get plain low- or non-fat Greek yogurt to avoid extra sugar, then sweeten naturally with stevia, honey, or berries.
Add yogurt to your diet but watch out for the sugar trap! Yogurt contains naturally occurring sugars but fat-free flavored yogurts contain about 15 grams of sugar on top of that (which is equivalent to 4 tsp of added sugar). So opt for fat-free or low-fat plain Greek yogurt, and sweeten naturally by adding one packet of stevia, 1 tsp of honey or fresh berries!
5. Answer your cookie cravings with healthier cinnamon graham crackers!
Have a cookie craving? Reach for a graham cracker instead! With all the sweetness and crunch of a regular cookie without the excess fat and calories! Sure go ahead and buy the cinnamon flavored ones, they’re deliciously good for you!
6. Candy doesn’t have to be off-limits, but control your portions by enjoying a 60 calorie Tootsie Pop or even two Mini York Peppermint Patties (100 calories/2 g of fat).
Craving candy? It doesn’t always have to be off limits! Instead of buying a bag of easily “pop-able” candy where you just can’t stop at one (like jelly beans, Swedish fish or licorice) enjoy a 60 calorie tootsie pop or even two mini york peppermint patties (100 calories/2 g of fat).

7. Veggie chips aren’t as healthy as the look! Make your own by spraying pieces of kale with cooking spray, sprinkling with sea salt, and baking at 350 for 10-15 min.
Sure those veggie chips look healthy but beware they have just as many calories and fat grams as your good old potato chip! Instead make your own veggie chips and get some calcium, iron and fiber while you’re at it. Take a bunch of kale, tear into pieces, place on a baking sheet, spray with cooking spray, sprinkle with sea salt and bake at 350 for 10-15 minutes. YUM!
8. Avoid the calorie and sugar surprise of smoothies by making your own! Mix in a blender 1 container of 0% Greek yogurt, ¼ cup skim milk, ½ cup frozen fruit, 1 packet stevia, ice as needed.
Summer time means smoothies for many. Easy sip-able treats on the go. Not so fast. A small Jamba Juice smoothie can cost you up to 500 calories and 13 tsps of sugar! Solution, make your own! Mix in a blender 1 container of 0% Greek yogurt, ¼ cup skim milk, ½ cup frozen fruit, 1 packet stevia, ice as needed.
9. Eat breakfast! It is the easiest way to lose weight, start your metabolism burning at full speed and prevent over eating later on in the day!
10. An ideal lunch or dinner plate is ½ veggies, ¼ lean protein like fish, chicken or tofu, and ¼ complex carbohydrates.
When making your plate for lunch or dinner guarantee portion control by filling ½ your plate with vegetables, ¼ with lean protein like fish, chicken breast or tofu and the other ¼ with complex carbohydrates!

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    Mind Over Matter Health & Fitness is a Manhattan based In-Home personal training service providing fitness professionals to your home in New York City. We offer a variety of disciplines including Personal Training, Prenatal Fitness, Yoga, Pilates, and now In-Home Massage, all under one umbrella.When you train with one of our professionals you get access to every other discipline. Variety is the key. For those outside the NYC area, try one of our SKYPE WORKOUTS! It's the next best thing to being there. Don’t be afraid to try something new.We also have bootcamps in neighborhoods ranging from Tribeca to the Upper West Side and many NYC neighborhoods in between, with disciplines varying from prenatal to postpartum stroller to open bootcamps.When you train with one of our professionals you get access to every other discipline. Variety is the key, after engaging in the same discipline over a sustained amount of time your body stars to plateau and the exercise loses its overall impact. Don’t be afraid to try something new.We’ve all heard it before, and yes it is contrived, clichéd, and hackneyed. However, the reason you keep hearing this is because it is true. The “Journey not a Destination” philosophy has been with us much longer than fitness has, and when undertaking fitness as a discipline, this philosophy holds true. NYC Personal Training, Real Advice from a Professional:Like any other life altering discipline that an individual takes on it should be looked at as a journey, and fitness is no exception.When fitness is done the right way it should be something that becomes part of the rest of your life. If you are looking for life long success, then it would stand to reason that fitness should be life long.While every individual should have his or her short term goals everyone needs to have overall health and wellness as a life long goal.Let’s be honest, most people get into shape just for that wedding, reunion or vacation. It’s good to have a focus, but more times than not once those events are over or once that short term goal is realized, most tend to fall off the wagon.What’s the sense of putting in all of that hard work and dedication if it’s all going to be over in a couple of months? Why not take that discipline with you through out the rest of your life. Take comfort and be proud that you have accomplished your short term goal but do not lose sight of the journey.Remember those moments along the way that got you to where you are now. Remember the fun you had, how great you looked, and more importantly how glorious you felt when you were done.Remember the journey, half the fun is getting there.



    Mind Over Matter offers several outdoor Boot Camp style group workouts in New York City’s best outdoor gym – Central Park.During our high-energy 60 minute Boot Camp classes, you’ll do a total body workout that consists of 5 minute warm-ups, 20 minutes of Cardio, Upper Body (Push ups, back and shoulder movements), Core Work (Crunches, rotation and stabilization movements), Lower Body (Squats, squat thrusts, lunges, jumps), Stretch (Cool down dynamic stretching).Mind Over Matter Health & Fitness caters to the fitness level of each individual during class. Our instructors will take the time to check on each participant’s form, make necessary adjustments, and pinpoint any individual concerns and answer questions.   Stroller Boot CampCan’t find a babysitter so you can make a trip to the gym? Worried you won’t be able to fit in a complete workout between your toddler’s naps? With Mind Over Matter’s comprehensive Stroller Boot Camp, there’s no more stressing and no more excuses. You can build muscle, burn fat and firm up all while spending valuable time with your baby!Stroller Boot Camp includes everything the 60 Minute Boot Camp class provides – a warm up, cardio, strength training, stretching and cool down. You’ll jog, race walk and participate in resistance exercises, such as squats, lunges and various abdominal movements that incorporate your child and their stroller.  Indoor Boot CampDon’t let the cold weather keep you from achieving your fitness goals.Join us indoors once a week for a holiday-weight-burning workout.Contrary to popular practice, resolutions are actually meant to be achieved! Podcasts / Audio Segments Dr. Victor Zeines Radio Show: All About Mind Over MatterListen Karen Salmansohn’s Satellite Sirius Radio Show“Exercising and Fun”Listen“Love, Sex, Love”Listen"Net Play”Listen Strength Nation“Your Fitness Goals”Listen“Save On Fitness”Listen Miss Young Radio Segment: “Healing Is A Mind Over Body Connection”Listen Wedding Podcast: “Exercising For Your Wedding”Listen

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    Introducing Mind Over Matter's first, but certainly not last, fitness DVD!The hardest thing about exercising isn’t the workout itself, but finding the time to do it.With that in mind, Mind Over Matter is proud to provide you with an effective tool to maximize your time when it comes to exercising.This exercise video will show you the quickest way to get optimal results in a short amount of time.It’s not how long you work out, but how efficiently.This video will show you how—in a safe, result-driven manner.The exercises included are trademarked exercises of Mind Over Matter, and specifically Joshua Margolis.They reflect the philosophy of Mind Over Matter, of moving as much of your body as often as possible as frequently as possible.To use as much energy and therefore burn the most calories, all the while achieving a toned, firm, lean physique.Remember, your body is the best piece of exercise equipment you’ll ever need.Check out a sample:You can learn more, and purchase the DVD, here.Mind Over Matter Health and Fitness was founded in 2004 to provide busy New Yorkers an accessible service that would help integrate fitness into their lifestyle. MOM’s mission is to provide certified, friendly, reliable fitness professionals specializing in areas such as Personal Training, Yoga, Pilates, & Private Boot Camp Classes. We also have an emphasis in Pre-Natal and Postpartum Fitness.Whether in your home, office or even outdoors, MOM trainers are equipped with the skills to turn any existing space into your own private health club, complete with your very own private masseuse.

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The All-You'll-Ever-Need Workout

The All-You'll-Ever-Need Workout

Introducing Mind Over Matter's first, but certainly not last, fitness ...